Some NEWs

I have been taking a few pictures the past couple days and figured I'd share some :) I am reminded everyday why I am such a lucky girl to have these two beautiful angels in my life that love me and know me as their mom and to be able to wake up every morning and know that I get to spend my day with them watching them grow is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.

        THERE HE IS!! (His new spot to run to when I do laundry)      

       Noah being Noah

     Kai is trying to be like daddy 

      And when he's not being a smiley boy, pictures usually turn out like this....

        Bath Time!!!!

Mom... he's looking at me....

Mom.... he's touching me....


My favorite picture of Noah yet... and Kai doing what he does best.

Googly Eyes

I like to think of noah as a homeless individual in the picture below... :)


The Bachelorette

The new season the The Bachelorette has begun!! I love this show and mainly fell in love with it when Jillian (the last bachelorette) was the bachelorette. I have been hooked since. This is Ali. She was on last season's The Bachelor. She decided to pick her job over her guy.. which in my opinion was retarded. She is a cute girl tho, so hopefully this season is enjoyable :) Tonight the first 25 guys rolled in. She only got to keep 15 of them. I think her decisions were O.K. Only a few guys stood out to me and let me tell you why...

This is Roberto. He, from the second he stepped out of the limo, was my favorite. You can tell he is sincere, honest, comes from a good family and good background, is there for the right reasons, and is pretty much the whole package that she is looking for. After  talking with Ali, and doing a little salsa dancing, he got the first impression rose. He got my first impression rose for the season too. He is the guy I'm rooting for to win :) (Everyone has to have a favorite)

Jonathan, You talk too much for your own good. I feel that Ali would like you a bit more if you let her get a word in. Your a cool guy tho.

Justin, also known as Rated-R....Maybe you are here for the right reasons. Apparently no one else thinks you are which is why all of the guys voted you off. I have a feeling that since Ali kept you around, you will be the drama that makes this show interesting to watch and I thank you for being on the show to keep me entertained. But please don't use your wrestling voice anymore. 

And Ali.... what are you thinking with this guy? He is tooooooo weird to even remember his name. We will call him toupee man. I think toupee has an anger issue. Not to mention he acts like a 45 year old petafile who sits at home and drinks his champagne and smokes his cigar. Ew. Please don't keep him in the running too much longer.

I will be posting weekly for those of you who watch also, Laura, and would like to talk about it. Haha. 

As for American Idol... I have been watching all season and my favorite person is now in the top two.

Lee Dewyze. You may just possibly be my new favorite singer. Chad Kroger (from Nickelback) has had my "ears" for several... SEVERAL years. He has the best voice I have ever heard. You however are a close second. I hope you win and will vote for you!! (As if you are reading this... ha.) Season finale tomorrow!! WOOO!


To breath or not to breath?

I now know why the doctors say to not put your child to sleep with any loose objects. Exhibit A. Kai almost EVERY morning is snuggled up in his warm blankie. At least his head is.

Now, don't get me wrong... It's cute and he does look comfortable! But can he BREATH?! Every night I come in and he somehow pulls off his pants and throws the blanket over his head. Who said anything about cold feet? This kid has a cold head.

And Exhibit B.

Following in his brothers footsteps? This child during nap time (which he spends oh so peacefully in his boppy pillow on the couch, will consistently pull the blanket up over his head. I have now switched to nap times with no blankets.

So the question remains... If they sleep with blankets over their faces... Do they wake up ok?

Yes... thankfully they do!


I fell...

And it was embarrassing. No, I was not alone. In fact, I was in the middle of the gym. right smack dab in the middle. Where everything around you is pointing straight towards the middle. I had just ran a mile and did a little over half a mile on the stair stepper. Casey then drilled me on the ladder up and down and up and down. (Let's just say I was very tired, out of breath, wanting to get some mexican food and sit on the couch at this point ;) ) And we had just moved onto the plyometric training platforms.....

You start off on the floor. Jump to the smallest one, then floor up to second, then floor up to third etc. (This picture he is going backwards let me remind you... I was going UP the blocks... not down) Well, I got to the third and said woah, I feel dizzy. I stood there a second, caught my mental state back, or so I thought, and jumped down again. On my way back up to the fourth, my equilibrium threw me off and I tried to catch myself on the platform, missed, fell down, hit my tailbone on the metal bar and the bottom of the one behind me and smacked my head against the top metal bar of the one behind me. I saw everyone laughing. I just fell to the floor and was laughing too although I hurt pretty bad. I fell what seemed to be a good distance down, scraped my shin on the platform when I tried to catch myself and my head and tailbone were throbbing. Let me just tell you that when I feel dizzy, I am going to stop next time :) Shouldn't we get some type of free personal training sessions for ratards like myself who biff it in front of everyone? I mean... c'mon now... We could all use a little help... OBVIOUSLY :)


Pretty Wild

Please. Do not ever watch E! while this show is on. I watched a good 5 minutes and was on the floor laughing at this sad excuse for television. Shame on E!... One of my favorite t.v. channels (aside from the channels which include the various game shows I watch such as family feud, wheel of fortune, price is right, etc.) But please. I don't even know what this show is supposed to be about but whatever it is it should be taken off air IMMEDIATELY! I actually signed a petition to take off air. It was that bad.

On a side note... have you ever bathed a cat?!

Now THAT should be a new T.V. show. Princess was a great sport. And even though she looked like a skinny cracked out chihuahua with big eyes and a long body, she smelt delicious afterwards :)



Today my hubby turns the BIG 27!!! I can't believe I have known him since he was 24. haha. I actually feel like our relationship is getting longer and thats a good thing :) (You have to remember we got married 3 months to the day of us MEETING each other)

Since Casey wont actually be here today, due to a HUGE work commitment which could be HUGE for him and his career, we had to celebrate last night after he got home from work. So Kai and I made him his favorite cake and attempted to make of of his favorite meals.. chicken alfredo with a salad :) We just sung happy birthday and ate and watched the game! We plan to go do some shopping on the beach for him on his next day off. Here are a few pictures :)

This is me baking his chocolate cake.
Noah in his my dad is my hero shirt
Caseys homemade birthday card haha

Dad relaxing with the boys

Us at an awkward angle... It's the only picture we got together
Yes, I sported an I love Casey shirt. I mean... I do! So why not wear it on my shirt for his birthday :)
It was a fun night before he left. I wish you luck today babe!!! Happy happy birthday!!!!!

In other events... mothers day was on Sunday! We woke up early and went to church where I got some cookies the young men had made all the women in the ward. We also went to the beach with a bunch of guys from the office. It was fun! I love the beach so why not go with a bunch of people? We also had a couple over for dinner with their two kids which was so nice because I made a friend to hang out with the next few weeks we are here. It was a fun day getting out of the house and spending it with Casey and a bunch of people which I enjoy :) I didn't get too many pictures but these two.

Yay for families!! I love mine and realize more and more every single day the importance of mine and how much they mean to me. I can't wait for many more birthdays and mothers days to come as my boys get older.



Today is our 2 year 1 month 1 week and 5 day anniversary. I just wanted to say i LOVE casey. Yep yep I do. This is the first picture we ever took together. And now we have 2 kids haha. Way to go! I can't believe how far we've come. We are so supportive of each other and I am happy I met him.


Kai got a bee sting :(

Today Shiann, Laura and I went to South Padre Island. (Yes, there are other wives out here :) ) Yay, exciting day until 10 minutes after we got there and Kai decided to try and pick up a bee. Ha ha.... yes, he succeeded in picking it up, and he also succeeded in getting stung. His finger and hand immediately started to swell. He cried :( I hate when he cries. I have never been stung by a bee before but I can only imagine the pain. So, we rushed to CVS after Shi called poison control and got him some Benadryl. He fell asleep and woke up fine! The swelling has gone down completely.

Us at South Padre!

Poor little hand :(

Yay seaweed!!