4th of July

We had to drive straight to my mom's house after we got off the plane and had lunch with my cousin and her Hubby. I must say I do miss my family a lot being so far away. You never really know how much the importance of being close to family is until you don't have them next to you all the time. For the fourth we went to a Rodeo up in Taylor and fireworks were after that. It was a lot of fun.

My mom and her two only grandchitlins. 


Haha... this face of Noah is priceless.

Kai and UNCLE Branson. Yes, he is only 13 months older.

At the Rodeo on the bleachers

Me and Tardo ~ my little bro Dalton

My sister Kayla

My mom and I

Country isn't the country without a tractor.

We were pretty high up

Please don't be jealous of my great fireworks display. I know... I should become professional :)

My little brother had to have my mom cover his eyes the WHOLE fireworks show. Everytime she tried to move her hand he would scream. haha.

The fourth was great! Sadly we couldn't be with Casey but we still had a great time.


Hurricanes and Plane Rides! Part 2 :)

Hurricane season was another exciting one for us. We always seem to be in south texas every year when this rolls around. Ha. As we were packing to move, hurricane Alex decided to come and hit right through brownsville. So, this made us pack a little faster. We were going to stay there another month but when they started boarding up windows, and then boarding up OUR windows while we were still inside we decided to leave then and there. 


Out our window overlooking the gym.

While we were inside packing they came and blocked out all source of sunlight.

Don't mind the packing look. Just look at the cute kid sitting in all the mess :)

Ol' Besty doin us some good once again. 

A couple days later the boys and I left our plane ride. Yes I will admit I was a little nervous to be flying alone with two babies. What if they scream? What if I need to pee? What if they both poop and stink up the plane and everyones looking at me? Yes, I was worried. Luckily they were both awesome and Kai even fell asleep!!! Which I thought would never happen. Here are a few pics from our ride!


More to come soon!!


July update! Part 1 of 23

Has it really been over a month since I have updated?! Wow! The boys and I have been traveling and got back to Texas and then just finished up our move to AUSTIN!! I love it here. Even though we have only been here about 4 days and I haven't had a phone or T.V. it's absolutely gorgeous and so much fun! I have taken so many pictures to capture our vacation and there is so many I will only be doing a little a day... it's hard to find time between two boys and unpacking. I'm sorry I didn't get to see all of you who I wanted to. I had so much going on with passports and errands to run I didn't get to see a lot of people who I wanted to. I plan to come down again in the next month or so to visit and promise I will stop by! Anywho... before we left on our little tour of Arizona and Utah we took a little trip to the Brownsville zoo. It was suprisingly awesome and one of the best zoos I have ever been to.

Kai stuck his has in bird poo. When he stuck it in his mouth the face was priceless... I didn't have my camera to get it tho.

More pictures of our trip to come :)