Family Visits

Mine and Caseys Family came to visit us as well! These are cute little shoes that Auntie Amy bought for Kai!
This is Auntie Amy and Kai's First picture together!
This is Caseys mom! Grandma Terri!
This is my hilarious mom, Grandma Milius, getting her hair done by Amy! It came out great!!
This is me and my mom and my sister Kayla!!
They were all such a BIG help in coming out here! My family came the day after I had Kai and Caseys mom and sister came out 2 days later! My family helped out so much with cleaning and starting on the new journey we call "breastfeeding" or "The Boob" as I, and my pediatrician, like to call it :) They drove 10 hours to come out and see us!! We were lucky enough to spend valentines day with them at The Cracker Barrel! It was a great night out! Caseys mom and sister were a great help too! They helped with cleaning and cooking and Amy was a saint and did everyones hair! We finished off their stay out here at Texas Roadhouse. Thanks you guys for all your love and support!


My Labor Story

The morning before I was supposed to be induced my doctor told me I had to go in that night to get cervadil, a medicine that softens your cervix. Me and casey went out for our last day of shopping and then home to clean and pack. We were off to the hospital and I started freaking out. Ever since I was little I had a huge fear of dying during labor so this is something I was definitely NOT looking forward too. We went in and the nurse was all about C-Sections so everything she was saying about regular births was freaking me out even more. She opted for a C-Sec the next morning, due to my size and the size of the baby and the simple fact I was too small, and I almost took her up on it. Luckily, Casey convinced me not to. Two nurses then came in and hooked me up on my IV and took my blood pressure etc. I started crying and freaking out even more because I was so scared. This caused the babys heart rate to shoot to 195! And it wouldn't go down because my nerves were going everywhere! They made me turn to my side and gave me medicine to help calm me down and Casey helped cam me down also. After the nurses left I got to take a nice shower and relax. The next morning the doctor came in and checked me. I was dilated to a 2. He decided to break my water at 7am. This was a weird feeling let me tell you! The doctor then came in and gave me an epidural right away! This actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. My body immediately started to go numb! I then got a catheter ( which by the way was the most AMAZING thing :) ) And I started dilating rapidly! at 1pm I was dilated to a 7! The nurse said she would wait a half hour and check again. I started to feel my contractions through my epidural but they still weren't that bad. Just felt like tightening! She came back at 1:23 and said... "Well your dilated to a 10! Lets start pushing!" It was soooo sureal! I looked at Casey and said ALRIGHT! LETS GET THIS KID OUT! Then I started pushing! I couldn't feel anything and it was almost funny because I was pushing SO hard and was SO out of breath but it didn't hurt at all. I was laying there thinking... THIS IS LABOR? This is easy! Minus the fact I feel like I am running a 10k and you people won't let me stop to breath! He finally started to come out but the nurse made me stop pushing because the doc. wasn't in the room yet. 5 min later the doc showed up and boom! Little Kai was here!! I only pushed for 45 min luckily but thankfully for the epidural labor was a breeze! Kai was born at 2:17pm weighing at 7.2 pounds and 20.5 inches long. Casey was AMAZING support throughout it all and I couldn't have done it without him by my side. The next day we got a nice steak dinner for two and were released 24 hrs after delivery!!

Laura's Visit

One of my best friends Laura took a trip out to meet little Kai! She was here for about 4 days. S
he was such a great help cleaning and washing my dogs! I appreciated it :) We also got a GREAT tour by yours truly of good ol Lubbock TX when I decided to get us lost looking for the theater for 45 min. And then proceed to run out of gas later that night when we went to return the tickets :) Sorry Laura!! We had a lot of fun tho.


The Many Faces of Kai

When Laura came to visit we caught Kai making silly faces. Luckily, we caught them all on camera!


Malakai (Kai) James Iverson

Malakai James Iverson was born on 2-12-2009 at 2:17p.m. He was 7 pounds and 2 ounces.