So, since I am using this for kind of journaling purposes I thought I would tell you that I have a huge stomach ache today. Ever since I woke up it's been severe pain. The fatigue and headache came later in the day and I feel like i'm going to die. It's kind of awesome because I haven't been sick in so long and thought that it might be nice to lounge around all day and not clean the house and watch the office from beginning to end sitting on our new couch eating crackers and sprite but no, it was not that glorious. I eat, use the restroom to reverse the food, have to change a babies diaper, have to change ANOTHER babies diaper who is screaming bloody murder because of his diaper rash, go to the other baby who is now sitting at the table screaming because he is hungry, the house is a wreck.... well, you get the picture. And half way through an episode of anything I fall asleep only to be awakened by a crying baby. Also, besides not being able to keep anything down.... I am making Lasagna for dinner. Yumm yumm.

Let's hope this goes away by tomorrow.

And thanks for letting me vent on why I want to rip out my stomach and use it as a pillow so I can go to sleep.... and feel better.

Just realized that made no sense.

Oh and side note... we went to the coolest place for date night last night!! It was a movie theater, but between the rows there was a little isle so you could walk behind seats. And in front of your row was a long table with paper and pens and menus! You order food and drinks and whatever you want and write it on the paper and stick the paper up to act as a flag. The waiter then comes and takes your order and brings you the food to eat while your watching the movie!! I thought this was the greatest thing ever. We went a little overboard and got an appetizer, candy, entree and desert. And surprisingly it wasn't annoying and you couldn't hear everyone talking. I think it was for adults only because they served alcohol so that eliminated any children or teenagers who go there for the sole purpose of annoying you. It was AWESOME!



What would YOU do with 5 children??

Yes... you heard that right! I have 5, and not only do I have 5... but 4 of them are under the age of 3. I have decided that since heavenly father was not granting me with girls, I would take in 3 of them.

What are you thinking?? I know I know. But these girls are the cute-est!

WARNING! My sob story as to why I decided to start babysitting:
I decided to do something with my time during the day instead of watch court shows and play ball with the boys. I felt like I was waisting my days doing nothing of importance and I have never been a fan of the "stay at home mom" type. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids and can't imaging being away from them for work, which is why I don't work, but I have always been one to be in school and work and always be going and going, and have always been very self sufficient. When I got pregnant my whole view of life changed. I couldn't get a job with a newborn (really I didn't want to be away from him :)) and DEFINITELY didn't want a job with a newborn and being pregnant. Now that the boys are getting older I really miss having a challenge and miss the hectic lifestyle. So I decided I need more of a challenge. I, however, miss my kids if they are taking naps, or even if I am not sitting on the couch right next to them. So I wanted to do something where I could still be around them all day. I jumped on craigslist and before you know it I am now a babysitter 3 days a week! It defiantly keeps me busy and also gives Kai some playmates. I have also been baby hungry this past couple weeks and this is filling the void of having another lol.

Aren't they cute?? And yes... those are block giraffes... don't be jealous. So yeah... yay for new news! 

Oh another side note....

Casey dressed up Kai. haha. 


Have you ever been Boo-ed by a crowd of 2,000 people? We have...

Living in Texas most of our married life has made us recent Longhorn fans (don't worry, we still like the Utes and Casey wanted me to say that it's OK to like more than one team because the BCS is messed up and Texas and Utah will never play each other anyways, for all the guys who are reading this blog.... and I have NO idea what that means... he just made me put that.) When we were living in Austin and visiting Lubbock on a trip last month, the Longhorns (Austin) had a rival game against Texas Tech (Lubbock). We of course had to root for the Longhorns since we were living in Austin at the time and we enjoy the longhorn symbol (see front of van).

Side note: Why are we white trash? Because we have horns on our van and we tie our mattress to the top of it because it's the only way to get it home.

So when we went to walk around the college before the game started (in our burnt orange colors) about 2,000 students were waiting outside for the game to start (in their black and red colors). Needless to say we stuck our like 4 orange construction cones. We... along with our babies.... walked by them and one guy yells out "HEY EVERYBODY!! BOO THAT GUY!!!" followed by 1,892 people boo-ing at us! (I'm assuming 108 of them decided to not join in) It was exciting. We walked around, shared a papa john's pizza, and ended up watching the game at Texas roadhouse. 

and YEP they won.... so BOO all of you Texas Tech fans!!!!!


Roswell! My little alien hometown

News Flash!!! To all of those who didn't know we travel.... A LOT!!.... now you know. And also, if anyone who really knows me, knows that when I was little I used to be OBSESSED with aliens. I used to collect them, collect little figurines, buy alien books and read about them... my room was decked out (Yes I as a weird child... and am still a weird adult :) ) So when we ended up is Roswell, NM for a week I almost had a heart attack because Roswell is ALIEN TOWN!!!!! So Casey took me to all the little museums and we bought a few souvenirs. I absolutely had one of the best little trips there. Here are a few pictures!!

Being welcomed to the town

This is Frank.

And Jill.

We also had fun hanging out in our hotel.... which was pretty sweeeet. 

If your weird like me... you should check this little town out. It was pretty fun!


And THAT'S what little boys are made of

This is kind of humorous and Casey said that I should blog about it so here I am....

Since we just moved in to our apartment and we have always had corporate furniture, we are without a couch. We found the one that we are going to buy at Ashley furniture. We went back Saturday night to take some measurements of it to make sure it is going to work in our living room. While Casey is taking measurements and I am sitting on the floor writing them down, a lady walks up to us and starts talking. After about 5 minutes of talking she tells us that she is the manager of the store (and of course Kai is jumping all around). Anyways to say the least I felt embarrassed that my child was acting like a normal 2 year old. So as we both stop doing what we are doing and stand up to talk to her like normal human beings, Noah starts crying. So I turn and pick him up out of his car seat. The second i pick him up he PROJECTILE VOMITS all over the rug and ME!!!!

I am standing there COVERED in puke. The manager and Casey take off running to the bathroom to get me some paper towels. They come back and as I am cleaning off I turn around and the pen that I had been writing with is now in Kai's hand and getting to know the couch cushions on a more serious note :S

AAHHH!! So here I am, standing in front of the manager of the store, covered in puke and also all over the store rug, and the couch is being colored on by my other son. To say the least, we have decided that is for sure the couch we are going to purchase :)



I am so proud of this guy. He is such a hard worker and I am so thankful for him in my life. He has taught me how to be such a better person and open up which I have always had a hard time doing. He is always trying to uplift our family and is always trying to make our lives a better place. He such a great blessing in my life and I am very thankful.

 I love you Casey Iverson!!


Kai's Mohawk

Well, this was a fun idea. Kai's hair was getting a little long and "girlie". After much deliberation on how his hair was making him look like kai-ina versus a Kai or more masculine Malakai, we decided to see what his hair would look like with a mohawk. So Casey ran and grabbed the clippers and we clipped away!

Before: Now let's see.... wings, cute, bangs, cute and hides the forehead (He was blessed with my big heed), Blue bonnet look, not so cute.

After: Looking more like a little boy instead of a little girl. Also pulling off the white trash look quite well. 

In the end we decided to just shave it all off. But thank you to Kai for letting us decorate his head. :)


Happy Halloween!!

This year we went to our apartment complex's halloween party. They had pizza, coloring, a played the movie Sleepy Hollow in their gym and we could all bring blankets and watch. We didn't stay for very long because the kids were being kids, but we still had a good time. Later that night we snuggled up on the couch watched avatar (a not-so-scary movie).

Our little spiderman 

Noah was a tootsie roll hehe

Hope everyone had a great holiday!!


San Antone

Sorry I've been a blogging bum lately. We have been really busy. We have recently, by recently I mean last night, moved to San Antonio (of which is am THRILLED about).  We will be here for at least the next year. We moved into a 3 bedroom (yay for everyone having their own rooms and better nights sleep :D) with a loft and our porch is a solarium, which means that is a basically a big extension to the living room. We are also about a 15 minute drive from sea world, six flags, and the river walk. Woo Hoo year long passes and lots of Shamu bonding time. I can't express how happy I am to finally be somewhere and know we aren't leaving. We go to our new ward this Sunday and I can't wait to meet everyone. It is gorgeous here and everyone is welcome for a visit..... or 2 ;)