Noah's newborn pictures

Noah got his newborn pictures done and we are sending out some baby announcements so please leave your address :) One of my best friends Kacee gave us a gift certificate for a baby shower present to get them done. Her step mom does photography and came to our house yesterday morning and took these pictures. They still need to be edited but here are some of the originals :)


Noah is here!

Yes I am a mother of 2!!! They are my pride and joy!

The three most important people in my life! I am such a lucky girl.

This is Noah wide awake!

And this is him sleeping :)

My absolutly AMAZING husband and the best doctor/midwife EVER! I loved her!!

Hey all! Sorry I haven't updated in a while! I will defiantly post more tomorrow considering A LOT has been going on. Like the birth of our latest and greatest, Kai turning one! Yes... one! Christmas, New years, weddings, and so much more. Here are some new pictures of Noah Lyon Iverson. He was born on Friday, Feb. 5th. He was exactly 3 weeks early and came literally out of no where. Luckily, Casey, who was in Texas, came home 4 days early and surprised me. He wasn't supposed to come home until Sunday and had he done that he would have missed the birth. A short story of my labor... On Thursday the 4th I was having some on and off pain in my lower back. I called the doctor to see if it was contractions or if I was just sore from all the weight I was carrying around. They told me it was gas pains and to take a gas-x. I was a little in shock because I think I would know what gas pains feel like, so I let the pain go until later that night. I went out to get a pizza around 11 because me and Casey were going to watch a movie. The pain started coming back so I drove around this town trying to find a pharmacy open that late at night. I couldn't find one so I picked up some tums at the gas station thinking it would help. I went home, watched some of the movie and went to sleep. At 5:45 exactly in the morning I woke up because the pain in my low back was killing me. It was definatly on and off so I started timing them. After the third one I woke up Casey and said I don't think these are gas pains. So I got in the hot bath while Casey started timing them. The pains were so pain I was clutching onto the bath tub and crying so hard. They were lasting about a minute and were about 1 to 2 minutes apart. Casey called the doctor and they said to come in to the hospital. We left our house at 6:45. On our way there they were getting worse and worse and I was screaming in pain. Casey rushed me in to the ER where I was transferred to another room and fell to the floor on all fours screaming. The nurse was trying to tell me that I needed to get in to the bed so she could check me but I couldn't move. (there was another lady getting an ultrasound in the same room so yes, some poor lady had to listen to the whole thing lol)Casey ran back downstairs to give Kai to my cousin who met us there and when he came up I hurried and jumped in the bed. The nurse checked me and shouted out the room "She's dilated to a 9!! We need to get her in NOW." So she wheeled me in to another room and yes, the whole time I was screaming in pain and yelling I wanted an epidural and didn't care about anything else at that moment. Pretty soon I find myself surrounded by about 5 nurses a doctor and the anesthesiologist all trying to work on me and calm me down saying I'll do great without the epidural. I was screaming, still, that I wasn't going to do it without one and they all tried to convince me that it was too late and it wouldn't kick in. I could feel Noah's head pushing down and pretty much out but I held my legs together and tried to keep him in. La De Da, I got the epidural and life was amazing after that! Yes, that was the worst pain I have ever felt and makes me never want to have kids again :) Casey was awesome support through the whole thing and I honestly couldn't have done it without him. Noah was born at 10:01 a.m. 6.6 pounds 18.5 inches long!