Kai's Swim Lessons

Kai has officially completed his first year of swim lessons! He had to have been the worst kid there as far as attitude. Granted it was exactly at nap time so he was really cranky. But I must say he did learn how to do all the things that were taught. I missed a few days due to going to Tucson (see below post) and some other things, but we caught right back up. He did such an amazing job and we can't wait for next year when both the boys will be in swim lessons. It's times like these where I am so proud to be a mom and love doing activities with them. When I was little I was always excited to have kids to take them to swim lessons, ball practice, watching their games. I LOVE doing stuff like this with them and seeing them grow and learn new skills.

Mommy and Kai

Candice and Jaxon

He LOVED these rings


The instructor watching Kai kick and Candice winking haha.

The instructor teaching Kai to swim under the water

Kai and Jaxon playing in the kiddy pool

Kai and his first swim lessons instructor!!

Although it was the youngest class you could have and we didn't do a whole lot except sing songs and splash around it was a lot of fun. 


Just to "somewhat" finish the trip

I am getting backed up in pictures so I am just going to post a few more pics from my trip to az so I can get on with more recent events :) We went to a pretty sweet aquarium at Mills Mall in Tempe with my gorgeous cousin and her baby. We are a month apart and our boys are 3 months apart lol. I love her and her sweet baby... and baby to be.

Noah and I trying to find out where to go

We got to pet some star fish

 Kai and Jaxon lookin at some cool fish

The next day Jared (Candace's hubby) Decided to tell them some cool stories about his past times while they ate some delicious pb&j compliments of Candace.

And we tried to fit 3 car seats in a back seat... it doesn't work too well... So that means no more kiddos for me until Kai is out of a car seat :)

The next day I had to go to Tucson to get a passport so my best friend (since 10th grade)!! Kacee came with

Later that night we went to her husbands mom's house for a barbeque and some swimming. 

And we also saw a movie sometime in there too. Haha... have you ever had a whole theater to yourself?? We did!! For about 5 minutes :)

Kai's swim lessons and more to come in the next post!! :)


Part 4... Yes they are still coming

I am attempting to get all my pictures in haha. I have just been so busy with the kids and every free second I get I like to watch a movie or workout. It's my only peace and quiet... Speaking of, I did my hair for the first time in 2 weeks today. Yes it felt amazing... and only to go to walmart HA! Story of my life.

Anywho.... While up in Taylor I had to help my family move back to pinetop... I am so sorry that you guys have to live there again. My heart goes out to you. Yes, I grew up there and yes, I was gone the day after I graduated... not because I wanted to be away from my family... trust me I missed the heck out of them... but because Pinetop is a small small town and ugh. I just don't like it. I DO however like and miss quading and hanging out outside. That was one thing I did miss. Here are some pics of the rest of my time there and what we like to do in small towns :)

By the way... this is pretty much my best friend in the world.. Besides my husband of course. She is the most genuine, gorgeous, sweet, kind hearted, friendliest, humblest, great person I know. I look up to this girl in so many ways. She is turning 16 this month and having a sweet 16 party. I am so happy for her and all that she has accomplished in life. She never complains about anything. Never talks bad about anyone. Is so good in the church, is the BEST sister I could have ever asked for. And shes got the looks too haha. But seriously I love this girl with all my heart.

Kayla colored... she looks like a caveman in this picture

Haha... don't you love his shoes?

More from my 2 month ago trip to come!