Day 3..... not so fortunate

SO day 3 rolls around and no.... it's not a good morning. Maybe its the taco bell I caved into last night for dinner or maybe it's the lunch at the oh so delicious costa vida with my friend today... I don't know. I woke up back at 135...... it's ok. tomorrow is another day and I have had my mexican fix..... Softball is tonight with my cousin Candice and I may just go play to burn some extra calories :) We shall see! I'll keep you posted!! Till then.....


Day 2

I'm now 132.8!!! The food was horrible I must say... well at least the raw broccoli. I can't stand the little thingies that are at the top of the tree. They make me gag. Seriously I have been jumping up and down all morning. Now off to Turbo Jam fat burner. That's all I am going to say because I am so happy. Let's see if tomorrow I go another 3! Doubt it but hey who knows? And I said I was putting the scale away but I can't....


7 day detox diet- Day 1

Not that you have to read this but I am starting a 7 day detox diet that is supposed to help me lose a lot of weight healthily~ if thats even a word :) so I'll be able to keep it off. I am basically blogging about it every day to kinda keep a journal and also keep me motivated, so please bare with me :) For those of you who are interested (and still reading) the website is called 7daydetoxdiet.com. It comes with a grocery list and also a 7 day meal plan to not only detoxify your body but also to help you lose weight. I mean how could you not lose weight by going from eating soda, cookies, frozen foods, and sugary stuff and snacking throughout the day to eating strictly whole organic foods? I along with this am taking the slimquick pills. The commercial looked cool and I read a lot of good reviews about it so what the heck, why not? I actually started the slimquick pills yesterday and I have noticed that they make me not hungry AT ALL. I literally ate half of one of the most amazing steaks I have ever had and that was IT. Yes, I lost a pound and a half yesterday but I can thank not eating for that. SO in a way I can say that the pills are working in suppressing my appetite :) They also gave me a tremendous boost of energy. Can't complain about that either. As far as my detox plan is going, so far eh. Luckily I am taking these pills or I would be absolutely starving right now. The foods actually sound delicious, you just don't get to eat a lot of them. Due to the pills I actually couldn't even finish my breakfast of 1/2 an apple and a piece of bread and couldn't finish my snack which was 1/8 cup of almonds. I am moving onto lunch here in about 30 minutes and the thought of a half apple some broccoli and 1 cup lentil soup actually sounds like a lot of food to me. Not to mention all the water you HAVE to drink with every meal and snack. I guess this is a good thing :) I actually feel great inside. But then again it's only been a few hours. Starting this I weigh 136.2 in the morning before anything. I have a horrible habit of weighing myself about 35 times a day so I am putting the scale away for the week! My goal is to eventually get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 120.... I could settle for 125 tho. I noticed I was a little too skinny. But mainly this week I am hoping to lose 7-10 pounds to get me over my hump of pregnancy weight I have put on (and lose the belly). After Kai I only got down to 134.2 before I found out I was pregnant again. I couldn't lose the weight for anything so hopefully this time around is different. Wish me luck and I'll be posting again soon!


The elders...

I was coming home from walmart the other day and was pulling my kids out of the car when I was approached by two missionaries. They began to say, "Hi, we are with the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints"... I followed by saying, Oh, I know I am a member of the church. We continued to talk about people I could send their way and how everything was going when my neighbor walked out and started listening. The missionaries then started talking to them and invited them to church. Long story short, they got a non-member who maybe would have never had the chance to hear the gospel, to go and listen and learn about it. I hope Casey and I have the chance to serve a mission together someday. We had the chance when we first got married to go visit his grandparents in Navoo. I loved seeing the work they did and the effect they can still have on people despite their age and location. I am so excited that I have that to look forward to!

Where are we going this summer?????

Every summer we go out to a new city so Casey and I can work for pinnacle. Although the moving around gets stressful at times I actually enjoy moving to a new place. I think about people who never leave where they grew up and feel blessed that I have the opportunity to see some of the world. This summer we are going to...... dun dun dun dun


It's about 15 minutes away from South Padre Island and about 2 hours away from sea world... yes, I love sea world. So you know what this means, aside from juggling two kids and a full time job, we will be at the beach a good majority of the summer. So far I am the only wife that is going out there, but Casey still has a lot of recruiting to do so hopefully we get some more!

As much as I have loved being in AZ and hanging out with old friends all winter long....... don't worry. We will be back :)


Kais first birthday party.... Second to come later

I can not believe my son is already a year old. I can't believe that it was over a year ago when me and Casey were sitting in the hospital as a family of two and now we are a family of four. When they say they grow so fast, it's true. I am learning to treasure every moment with my kids because before I know it they will be all grown up. For Kai's birthday we went to McDonalds!! There is a "Toddler Playplace" made for little ones. Sadly we didnt take any pictures while we were there but afterwards we went to my grandmas where she had some gifts and we sung happy birhday. For his second birthday party a week later we were in Las Vegas where we went to Chuckie Cheese with a bunch of Caseys family. Kai had a BLAST. He was laughing and jumping up and down on the rides. We forgot our camera so I am waiting for pictures to post from that. Here are some from his first party!

Good Morning!!!

Kais new penguin backpack

Kai about to blow out his birthday candle

Great Grandma Sandy with Kai and Noah