Long Time Gone!

Well.... ITS BE AWHILE!! Not a lot has been going on with us. We recently went to California for Casey's sisters wedding!! She was so beautiful and we are so happy for you guys! Of course I left the camera at home so there will be pictures posted when I see the ones the photographer took! And we also celebrated our 3 year anniversary yesterday! We went to Saltgrass Steakhouse then we played at walmart. So classic :)

Casey also got me these BEAUTIFUL flowers!! :)

Other than those two exciting things nothing new has been going on with us! The boys are still the boys lol. They are learning more and more everyday. Noah says so many words now it's crazy! Kai started potty training and he is so so cute... I'll leave that for another post... and Noah still has no teeth! We miss and love you all!!


Luke and Amber Hendrix said...

I just checked your blog this morning & was going to text you about not posting for a while! Happy Anniversary! So, Kai is potty training? How is it going? I can't wait to see that post because I don't think we will be too far behind you with Austin. You and Casey make SUCH a cute couple!

Shalyn said...

Happy Anniversary friend! DO NOT let the blogging hiatus happen again or I will be forced to take action, k;-)

PS. I am LOVING your playlist for reals! Anberlin- yes!